who we are

The trust is run by volunteers, family and friends of Andrew Finch.

We have been raising money for VDO since Andrew's untimely death in Ecuador and many of the poorest children in rural areas are benefiting from our funds.

computer centre

The trust has now been accepted by the UK Inland Revenue service as being charitable in nature, which means we can have a charity account, donations can be gift aided and tax claimed back. The three trustees for the charity are Adrienne Finch, Ros Earl and Rose Procter.

At the End of 2002 VDO donated the first computer centre (with three computers) to a rural school thanks to the support of Adrienne Finch and Ros Earl (nee Finch). The Centre was dedicated to the memory of Andrew Finch. The support of the Finch family has continued without interruption making possible today three computers centres in rural schools of Ecuador (with five computers each), and one in the office in Ambato. At the end of 2007, five years later, the "Andrew Finch Education Trust, AFET" gained charitable status in the UK. It is entirely dedicated to supporting VDO projects, especially the four computers centres. Also, AFET members and friends are keen supporters of the childrens’ library, the medical fund, the housing fund and the volcano emergency fund. The main fundraising event of the AFET is the selling of Christmas cards designed by school children in Ecuador.